High School

9th, 10th

(CBSE & ICSE Boards)

(UP Board English Medium)


11th, 12th

(CBSE & ISC Boards)

(UP Board English Medium)


Entrance Preparation

(English Medium)


Entrance Preparation

(English Medium)

Daily 2 periods are held (Mon-Sat).

Each topic of each subject is well described with easy techniques.

Extra focus on weak students.

Test is conducted on every Sunday.

Test discussion on same day.

Group study.

Enriched course materials.

Question bank.

Very similar test pattern.

Weekly test.

Group discussion.

Updated problem sheets.

About Us

Excel Educare is an educational institute conducting coaching classes for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th CBSE, ICSE and ISC Boards and Polytechnic/ IERT entrance exams preparation in English medium.

Excel Educare has been providing its excellent service in education since 2014 in Allahabad (UP). This institute is committed to provide an excellent learning atmosphere and prepare the students for their bright future and quality career to face the challenging and competitive age.

Considering the above factors, we alone with our dedicated faculty members have strived to bring together the best possible. The students passing through this institute have a distinct edge over other students.

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